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Looking for a Spa in Wichita?

Did you make the dreaded New Year’s Resolution to put yourself first? I did, and I am owning it. Gave my year a little title "THE YEAR of ALL ABOUT ME”! Now, I know that is a bold title and I sound like a selfish weirdo but I need to be truthful, it has been a lot of work to just say no and make time for myself. I do feel a smidgen guilty, taking all this time to myself but... oh boy it's been a good time for me!

Yep, been getting stuff done!

Phase 1: Clear my mind and Clear the Clutter. My Mind Detox goes a little something like this .... Like getting started and keeping up with my gym fitness, eating some healthy foods, I've been! Organized my Desk, Wowza! I feel like a fancy lady sitting at my clutter free organized desk! All this doesn't sound like much but incorporating a new task into your routine and keeping it there is tougher than it sounds. It's been about 3 weeks and I feel pretty secure with the changes so it's time to implement phase 2 of THE YEAR OF ALL ABOUT ME.

PHASE 2: Skincare OK so one would think that those of us who work in the spa would not have a problem like getting into the spa for a facial. One would also think, you are there all day with all the equipment, products and good smelling stuff and you can just run right in there and get your facial on! It gets busy and you just forget.

So here is my problem, all they holiday yummies and delicious dairy clogged my pores. Sweating at the gym these last 3 weeks didn't help the cause. Sitting at my clutter free desk with my chin resting in my palm is not helping either! Now, this very day I have 17,493 clogged pores and 23 blackheads. Time to get to work on this situation.

When we dream up specials to offer our clients we think of things our clients are interested in and services we would want for ourselves at prices everyone can afford. This year we have had a demand of Deep Pore Cleansing Facials, which got me thinking... I need one of those too! (FYI: Me and Thinking= Dangerous) But, I had the though and now I'm treating myself to a Deep Pore Cleansing. I'm getting it done Thursday and a nice brow wax too.

If you are new to the spa facial scene or you've been patron Wichita spa goer for years and years. We invite you to visit us True Skin Spa and try out our special. The price is affordable and we do not skimp, you get a full-on service. This special is great introduction to our services and we would love to get to know you! Let us help you take care of you this year. By the way, if you are not in need pore cleansing because you are one lucky duck who has skin of porcelain, no problem! This is not our only special rate, we customize skincare packages to help our clients meet their skincare goals within budget. Just ask Abby or Hannah if you have any questions.

Happy New Year, and I will be sure to post another run-on sentence ladened story soon!

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