Room sprays are companion products to our decorative fragrance and are available throughout the year. Room sprays can be used to enhance the fragrance in any room. Use them to fragrance artificial trees or flowers, cards or stationery, to freshen the air after cooking or refresh hotel rooms while traveling.


Cotton Ginseng combines the scents of freshly picked cotton blended with jasmine, eucalyptus, and lavender florals enveloped with sandalwood and musk.



White Teak & Moss Aerosol Room Spray creates a clean blend of fresh citrus over notes of earthy moss, coconut & sandalwood. This clean, musky fragrance brings a fresh touch without any additional effort.


Using our Aerosol Room Sprays is an easy, effortless way to add unique personality to any space. 

Made in the USA

Aromatique Room Fragrance Spray